Titans should hire Chris Ballard as new GM

In Other Sports by Blake Lovell

The Tennessee Titans are still without a head coach. More importantly, they’re still without a general manager.

But the Titans have this all figured out. I’m sure of it.

They’re going to listen to me this time around. When have I ever been wrong?

I’ve already written about their need to hire New England Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels as their new head coach.

Now it’s time for the obvious choice for GM: Chris Ballard, the current Director of Player Personnel for the Kansas City Chiefs.

The Titans have reportedly interviewed several GM candidates. Among those are former Denver Broncos GM Ted Sundquist, former Detroit Lions GM Martin Mayhew, current Tampa Bay Bucs director of player personnel Jon Robinson, current New York Giants vice president of player evaluation Marc Ross, and Jacksonville Jaguars director of pro scouting Chris Polian.

All of those candidates have their strengths. But Ballard is the clear choice.

Look at what he’s done in Kansas City. Although he’s only been with the Chiefs for three seasons, the team has made the playoffs twice during that time span.

No, he’s not the GM or head coach. But as someone who influences what players go in and out of Kansas City, it’s clear he knows what he’s doing.

The Titans need someone that knows what their doing. Especially when it comes to the roster.

This roster is in need of a monumental overhaul. The Chiefs do not have a spectacular roster. But they have pieces that go well together.

Compare that to the Titans. None of the pieces go together aside from the quarterback/tight end duo of Marcus Mariota and Delanie Walker.

Everything else is a mess.

Ballard was in Chicago with the Bears for 12 seasons. He started off as a scout, then worked his way up to director of scouting before leaving for Kansas City.

He’s the type of guy that the Titans need. Someone that can fix this horrible roster and find the complimentary pieces for Mariota.

Listen to me, Titans. It’s the recipe for success in life.

Bring in Ballard as the new GM. Bring in McDaniels as the new head coach. It’s that simple.

Do that, and you’re back in business.

Go with a less promising GM and keep Mike Mularkey as head coach? Prepare to become the worst franchise in the NFL.

Blake Lovell has worked in sports media for over 10 years. His work has been featured on The New York Times, Rivals, Time Warner Cable, Scout.com, FanRag Sports, FanSided and many more. He currently covers SEC football and basketball for various publications.